There are many advantages to installing a wood fence. They are a great selection if you want that natural feel for your yard or garden. If privacy is your main concern, fences are great at providing a block from the neighbors and the outside world. They can be used in both the front yard and the back yard, as property borders, around pools, to enclose play areas or gardens, to line walkways or drive ways, or just as decorative features to highlight your landscaping.

Wood fencing comes in many styles and designs; no matter what type of home you have or what the intended use, there is a style that is perfect for your needs. If you imagine it, it can probably be done with wood. Styles range from concave, arched, tabletop, picket, French gothic, shadow box, deck rail top, to lattice top. If you don’t see it in a fencing store, you can find a specialty designer to design and build it. The are also a variety of different caps that can be placed on the poles for decorative purposes, from an inexpensive standard cap to one that contains a solar light

Wood fences are one of the better buys when considering fencing for your home or business. They are cheaper than aluminum, steel, PVC, or wrought iron, and though they do require maintenance, repair and upkeep is usually inexpensive and can often be done by the homeowner. With proper maintenance, they can last for 20-30 years. Many HOAs require wood fences with specific shades of stain, so it is advisable to check before moving into a new home.

For the longest lasting fence, it is best to have a professional install it and not to use pre-made panels purchased from the local, mega-do-it-yourself store. A fence that was made with inferior materials or not installed correctly will not withstand the elements and certainly not withstand the test of time. Using sturdy posts, properly secured into the ground, is essential if you want the fence to last for several years. If a wood fence is built properly by a professional, stained every few years, and repaired as needed, you will get a lifetime of beauty, security, and privacy.

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